My Next Door Neighbor Is A Zombie

My Next-Door Neighbor Is A ZombieAll Alonzo the Zombie wanted to do was to move to a nice community and be a good neighbor.  But all the acts of kindness he offered were rejected. As nice as Alonzo tried to be to others, nobody wanted to be friends with a zombie.  This story is a modern twist on the age-old truth that how we act toward one another is much more important than how we look. Will Alonzo’s new neighbors give him a chance or will he have to move to find more accepting friends? We encounter ‘zombies’ like Alonzo every day in our lives.

It’s up to us to look past physical appearances and get to know people for who they truly are. Here’s hoping that Alonzo and his pet turkey become new favorites in your family’s story collection!

Our Thing

cover art for Our Thing This book is for any child or adult who has ever tried to find the perfect THING that they could do together. Kayla and her Dad experience one adventure after another (with painful results) but just can’t seem to find THEIR THING. Through it all, they come to realize that half of the fun is simply spending time with one another. Here’s hoping that you and someone special in your life enjoy finding YOUR THING!

This books is special to Jay because it allowed him to work with his daughter, Kayla. She handled all of the illustrations as well as the cover design for this project. Kayla plans to follow in her father’s footsteps and start writing books of her own. Jay could not be more proud.

Super Will

cover art for Super Will On February 19, 2010, Will Rimmel was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As his parents entered the ICU that night, the first thing that the doctor said to them was that they would now be Will’s “lifeline”. That statement couldn’t have been truer. From that point on, the Rimmel family knew they needed to do everything that they could to help and find a cure for Will and the other children and adults that are living with this dreadful disease. Their mission as a family is to educate and make others aware of the signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes and the devastating effects that it can have on a body. What began as a simple “Spirit Night” at a local Chick-fil-A restaurant in Winchester, Virginia, has evolved into so much more. As of now, the Rimmel family and the wonderful owners of the local Chick-fil-A restaurants have organized two amazing events that occur annually to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The Rimmel family motto is “We Will Find a Cure”. This book is another platform for which the Rimmel family hopes to educate and inform others of Type 1 Diabetes. This light-hearted story reinforces the fact that those dealing with this disease are, in fact, Super Heroes and encourages them to never give up in the fight to find a cure!
The book launch party was covered by TV3!

A Calico Christmas

Calico Christmas is currently sold outA group of cats, known as the Calico Crew, has quite the reputation in the neighborhood…of treating others badly. Because of this, they’re not very well liked at all. And this doesn’t bother the Calico Crew one bit. But when others start showing them kindness at Christmastime, they find themselves in unchartered territory and they’re not sure how to respond. After some advice from none other than Santa Claus himself, the Calico Crew hatches a plan they hope will help them to spread and also experience Christmas joy. If this plan succeeds, their lives may be changed forever! A Calico Christmas is the fourth book in a Seasonal Series by Jay W. Foreman and Mark Sasser. Here’s hoping you enjoy A Calico Christmas and that you remember that the opportunity to spread joy at Christmastime is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given!

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Under The Sea Christmas Tree

cover image for Under the Sea Christmas Tree Do fish celebrate Christmas? If so, how? What would a Christmas Tree at the bottom of the ocean look like? Find out the answers to these questions within the pages of Under The Sea Christmas Tree. Trying to capture the true meaning of Christmas, Delfino the Dolphin decides to create the first-ever Christmas Tree under water. Not having access to ordinary decorations, Delfino and his good friend, Squalo the Shark, have their work cut out for them. With the help of their other aquatic friends, they’re able to put together a uniquely decorated tree you have to see to believe. But does the Spirit of Christmas come from the tree itself? The under water Christmas Tree project and overall results teach Delfino a Christmas lesson he’ll never forget!!! Under The Sea Christmas Tree reminds us all that the Christmas season is a time for celebration and encourages all of us to fully engage with friends and family!

Still Learning

Still Learning The Bible is our instruction manual for life. But when we don’t read it as often as we should, God finds other ways to teach us the lessons of the Bible through our everyday life experiences. Life experiences can be fun, exciting, even dangerous. They can be boring, depressing, or painful. Sometimes we see them coming, and sometimes they blindside us. Some are thrust upon us, while others are the result of our own actions. Still Learning explains how we can learn something from each life lesson—good and bad. Author Jay Foreman shares his experiences and the lessons he learned from them, putting them to the test. He questions whether they are biblically applicable to his life and teaches you to ask the same very important questions. Are your own life lessons reflecting the messages you have learned—and lived—from the Bible? After you’ve become familiar with the author’s life experiences, including embarrassing moments and the subsequent lessons learned, you’ll visit a story from the pages of the Bible where the same lesson was learned thousands of years ago. God is gracious and teaches us the lessons He wants us to learn. Still Learning helps us recognize and identify the lessons we can take from our own life experiences.

How Christmas Saved The World From Aliens

How Christmas Saved The World From AliensWe all know that the true spirit of Christmas can soften hearts, change attitudes, and mend wounds. But can it actually save the human race from aliens? Conquering aliens from a distant galaxy must decide if they will destroy Earth or spare it. They plan to make this decision by studying the way earthly holidays are celebrated. Unfortunately, they are not impressed with any of our holiday traditions – until Christmas rolls around and they see a genuine change in human behavior for the better. But is this change in hearts that comes and goes once a year enough to convince the aliens to spare our planet? How Christmas Saved The World From Aliens is a comedic, heart-warming “outsider’s” view of Christmas and how it changes the way we live our lives, if only for a short time each year. We hope you enjoy this original Christmas classic!!

Raccoons’ Christmas

Raccoons’ Christmas Within the pages of this book, we’ll find out if the true spirit of Christmas can soften the hardest of hearts. Trouble-making raccoons, Rodney and Rudy, plan to ruin Christmas. But in doing so, they find themselves in some of the most unexpected situations they could have ever imagined. The raccoons discover their plan to break into several homes on Christmas Eve and take gifts set out for Christmas morning is not as easy as they thought it would be. Through chance encounters, they start to learn the true meaning of Christmas. They reluctantly discover that Christmas offers the power of hope, answered prayers and new beginnings. We hope that this book will entertain families and friends and remind us all of why we celebrate Christmas!!!