Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops


Each workshop has been originally designed (and is constantly updated) to enhance its participants’ writing skills through encouragement, practices used by professional authors, group exercises and the key element…fun!  Every workshop available is customized for the specific student audience.  They are tweaked by grade, ranging from 2nd through 12th, and by academic level if needed.  Workshops run best in a classroom setting, but can also be modified for larger assembly-type presentations.  They typically run for 45 minutes, but can be adjusted accordingly.


“Outside of the Box” (Creative Writing)

Teaches students to “think outside of the box”; Removes any self-imposed barriers that may prohibit them from reaching their full creative potential in their writing

“Show, Don’t Tell” (Descriptive Writing)

Helps students turn a good writing assignment into a great writing assignment; Differentiates between telling a story and showing a story

“No Fear” (Overcoming the Fear of Writing)

Enables students to overcome that dreaded first step…writing the opening line on a blank sheet of paper; Examines the art of preparation; Instills confidence in individual’s style of writing

“Once Upon A Time” (Storyboarding)

Focuses on advanced fictional writing; Teaches differences between acts and scenes; Explains what constitutes a strong beginning, middle and ending; Designs essential climactic scenes and their story placement

“He Said, She Said” (Point of View)

Identifies which points of view are best for specific writing assignments; Helps maintain a consistent point of view throughout writing; Recognizes point of view “traps” that writers encounter and shows how to overcome them

“What’s In A Word?” (Vocabulary)

Broadens the vocabulary chosen for a specific writing assignment; Matches vocabulary with reading audience; Emphasizes the power (good or bad) that vocabulary has in writing

“Making Your Point” (Writing with a Purpose)

Identifies the purpose of a specific writing assignment; Enhances consistency and influence in the chosen writing style

“Your Story” (Finding Your Voice)

Directs students to truly “make their story their own”; Injects student’s personality into the writing; Identifies individual’s writing strengths and focuses on the augmentation of them

“Virginia SOL Writing Prep” (Persuasive Writing)

Prepares students for the Virginia SOL Writing exams by studying and practicing persuasive writing; Examines writing prompt examples from the Virginia Department of Education website

“School-wide Assembly” 

Jay also delivers an assembly with his partner-in-crime and illustrator, Mark Sasser.  The two of them perform an original laugh-out-loud program that: helps students understand the writing/illustrating/publishing industry, promotes reading, teaches (with the help of volunteers) how to develop dynamic characters, and most importantly, encourages them to follow their dreams.

Notes from the field: Questions Kids Ask Me


To book Jay for your school, email jay@jaywforeman.com or call 540-327-6501.