Public Speaking Reviews

“The Winchester Group’s business is focused around providing quality insurance products and excellent service to our customers. We are constantly expanding our knowledge in the insurance industry and we are extremely interested in learning more about customer service. Recently, we were honored to have Jay Foreman speak at our staff meeting on the topic of customer service. His ability to share real-life experiences proved to be refreshing and fun. He was able to communicate the importance of responding to a customer’s needs in a timely manner and developing (or deepening) personal relationships, while adding humor. His experiences are memorable and will remind us of the valuable aspects concerning customer service. It was a great start to our day!”

– Mary Boy, Vice President of Operations, The Winchester Group

“Jay Foreman was the keynote speaker at our (Handley Regional Library System) staff development day. After opening our program I heard him referenced all day long. Staff were quoting him, other speakers would refer back to his words and everyone was enthusiastic about what he contributed to our event. He does his research, he connects and he makes everyone laugh out loud!”

– Todd Strader, Reference Assistant Manager, Handley Regional Library System

“I appreciated Jay Foreman coming to Princeton to address the Alpha Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa.  Our members are still talking about his presentation and how much they enjoyed it.

His expression of appreciation to educators everywhere was a thrill for all of us.  As educators, both active and retired, we don’t get a lot of praise and the gratitude for the teachers he had as a student warmed our hearts.  Also, his humor coupled with his experience as a writer was an added treat!

His care when reading to the children at Princeton Library was so much fun to watch.  Their reaction to him was so gratifying.  He certainly left them “wanting more.”  It was so unusual to hear them beg for “just one more story.”

Thank you, Jay, for coming so far to visit with us and reminding us as to why we became educators.”

— Nancy Russell, Past President Alpha Epsilon Chapter

“Jay was kind enough to accept my request to be our speaker for the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber, Power Punch @ Lunch in June 2012.  Jay started out with how he is used to following in BIG footsteps of others, not filling them, just following.  That’s Jay’s humor as he was recognizing the leaders within the region’s community that previously spoke at this event.  He intertwined his life experiences with three points of topics, Pride & Preparation, Blue Print vs. Game Plan for Life and Business, and Community Caring.  He hit the mark as he was relative, motivational, inspirational, and entertaining.”

Thanks Jay for delivering such a positive message in a way we could all enjoy!”

 — Rich Weller, Director, Membership Development
Top of Virginia Regional Chamber

“On December 6, 2013, Jay spoke to Apple Valley Reading Council members, teachers in the Winchester area, and their families.  He shared strategies for motivating children to read and write and the importance of persistence.  We loved his subtle humor, as he referred to his own reading experiences as a child.   The audience quickly connected with him, as we became captivated by his personal stories, such as his premature daughter in the NICU and how he read to her, and his accounts of various rejection letters from publishers.  We found Jay extremely personable, easy to relate to, and children of all ages can understand his message.  Jay was so enjoyable…I don’t think we even realized professional development was taking place.  What a great way to spend an evening with colleagues, learning from a local celebrity!”

— Michelle Myers
Lead Teacher, Administrative Assistant
John Kerr Elementary School

“Jay was the featured speaker for our annual Ladies’ Horticultural Society’s Auxiliary Luncheon in conjunction with the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, VA.  I know Jay personally, so I knew his talk would be comical but serious, as well as enthusiastic…that’s just who he is.  The audience was largely middle-aged to older ladies and Jay was very well received.  He paralleled the growing of fruit (our organization’s emphasis) with the message that life itself is a growing process for us all.  He talked about the will to grow, experiencing growing pains and planting seeds (encouraging one another).  I had very high expectations for Jay’s appearance and he exceeded them all!

In his introduction, which was mostly comical, Jay joked about his “non-celebrity” status among a sea of celebrities that weekend.  Among our group of 445 women, Jay was and still is a celebrity!  Job well done, Jay!”

— Hope Brim
Chairperson, Ladies’ Horticultural Society’s Auxiliary Luncheon, Apple Blossom Festival 2012

“Jay Foreman’s presentation was most entertaining, interesting and inspiring. In his own humorous manner, he told of his start in writing and the trials and tribulations of becoming a published writer. His down-to-earth approach engaged all the listeners and made his writing journey so enjoyable. Listening to the background of some of his books made each of his stories even more personal.  Jay inspired us all to look within ourselves to find that one thing we have always wanted to do but were hesitant to try. What a special treat to see into the world of this wonderful author!”

— Judy Fogle
Elementary teacher – retired after 35 years
Beta Iota Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa

“In December 2010, Jay spoke at the Shenshawpotoo Lodge’s (Shenandoah Area Council – Boy Scouts of America) annual winter social event.  Jay delivers a fresh and hilarious perspective of life and growing up in the Winchester, VA area.  His speaking engagements are motivational, enlightening, and relative to everyday challenges facing most people.

Jay discusses his own life experiences and how his Faith has shaped him into the person he is today and is the basis for his publications.”

— John Petrie
Scoutmaster, Troop 15
Shenshawpotoo Lodge #276 Shawanogi Chapter Advisor

Very entertaining and inspiring
This was one of the best speakers I have seen!
Great event – Jay was fantastic
Great speaker
Wonderful speaker!
Jay Foreman was awesome!
Motivational speakers are always encouraging and interesting to hear.
Way to go Jay!  Genuine content, hilarious and sincere delivery that will be remembered and followed. 

– Excerpts from Exit Surveys
Valley Business Women’s Luncheon
Provided by Jody Wall, Director of Program Development

Writing Workshop Reviews

author-Jay-W-Foreman-speaking-at-SweetFrog“Mr. Foreman engages all students throughout his presentation.  He gets the kids thinking and involved as they discuss writing.  His enthusiasm for writing motivates the kids to take risks as they write and think out loud.  He models examples for the students and encourages them to just write.  No writing is bad or weak.  All kids feel like winners and WRITERS after a session with Mr. Foreman!”

— Amy L. Hall
Supervisor for English, Reading, and the Performing Arts
Frederick County Public Schools


“Our school had the pleasure of having Jay Foreman come to talk to our class. It was an honor to have such an incredible author in our presence. His personality is magnetic. He was truly inspiring. His presentation was full of knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and motivation. He truly cares about what he does and the audience he is speaking to. You could tell that he absolutely loves what he does and hopefully will continue on this magnificent journey. He held the attention of my high school students and motivated them enough to when he left they all had plans of becoming published authors. He gave them the courage and drive to make them believe that they could do it. This was months ago and we are all still talking about him. He is genuinely a special human being and we are blessed to have had the opportunity of meeting him as well as listening to him. I am thinking about having him every semester in order to motivate my students beyond the walls of the school. Thank you Jay for just being you. What you are doing for others is spectacular. Keep up the inspirational work. All teachers should want to experience his workshop. You should sign up immediately.”

— Dawn Aziz
English Teacher
Diversified Minds School

“Jay delivered a truly dynamic presentation to our eighth grade students about word choice and diction. It was short notice, so he was more than willing to accommodate our request to do a FaceTime meeting. In spite of a few computer glitches and a few talkative kids, he did an outstanding job reaching our students with his charismatic and engaging personality. Jay was prepared with games and examples, involving as many students as he could. After Jay’s presentation, one student told me, “I have a new favorite author now.” That speaks volumes to Jay’s impact as a public speaker. I will definitely ask Jay to speak to my students again.”

                                                                                                                 – Betsy Finney
8th Grade ELA Teacher, China Grove Middle School,
China Grove, NC

“Mr. Foreman visited our school a few weeks ago, and he did an amazing job! I highly recommend him as a speaker or guest lecturer, he is engaging, talented, and very articulate. He delivers a great message! Our nearly 800 students and staff of nearly 100 were so very impressed!”

— Robert L. Marple
Principal, Cedar Lane Elementary School,
Loudoun County, VA

“Mr. Foreman came and spoke to our 6th graders at Warren County Middle School about the writing process. He was so much fun and engaging for the students. The students were taught to look at writing in a fun way rather than something they had to do. He got them excited about the writing process and left many of them wanting more at the end of the session. He truly inspired many of our students and they’ve asked if he could come back!”

– Jackie Solenberger
English Special Education Teacher
Warren County Middle School
Front Royal, VA

“Jay Foreman’s presentations for my seventh-grade English classes were enlightening and engaging to all of my students, regardless of their writing levels. Through enjoyable and interactive activities, Mr. Foreman reminded my students that writing can be fun! He had immense enthusiasm while working with young adults, and his love for writing was obvious; the lessons motivated and inspired my students to find the joy in writing again!”

— Jody Sasser
Seventh Grade English Teacher
Admiral Byrd Middle School
Winchester, VA

“Jay Foreman has the ability to make writing accessible for all students. He came with a prepared agenda that allowed students to view writing as fun and necessary for every day life. His enthusiasm sparks creativity and he allows the students to see how writing is influenced by things and people around them. He understands that students see writing as a challenge or a difficulty, but Jay creates a risk-taking environment that permits creativity to run. On a final note, his lessons and presentation resonate with all learners, especially special education students. They are able to see that mechanics are important, but the overall idea is what makes an interesting and enjoyable story.”

— Jennifer Gildea
Sixth Grade English Teacher
Robert E. Aylor Middle School
Stephens City, VA

“The students at Redbud Run Elementary School LOVED having Jay Foreman and Mark Sasser visit our school for an author visit! Their presentations were entertaining, educational, and encouraged student participation. By sharing about their writing process and publishing experience, many of our students were inspired to begin writing their own books. From the initial planning stages to following up on book sales, Jay was extremely accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for a wonderful experience!”

— Krista Hartenbach, Librarian
Redbud Run Elementary

“Mr. Jay Foreman: Thank you for visiting my classroom and bringing your contagious energy and creativity.  The students were truly inspired to begin writing their own stories!”

– Haley Groves
English Teacher
Warren County Middle School
Front Royal, VA

“Jay Foreman gave a lot of helpful information.”
“The presenter’s ideas were outstanding.”

– Excerpts from Exit Interviews
Shenandoah University’s 2015 Children’s Literature Conference