Public Speaking

Jay Foreman speaking at an event

Over the past ten years, Jay has emerged as one of the most dynamic, entertaining, and sought-after speakers and emcees.

He is also a proud member of the National Speakers Association. By speaking on a regular basis throughout the year, Jay provides answers, informs, challenges, inspires, and entertains businesses, churches, schools and other audiences.

Looking for a speaker to make a real difference at your next event? Jay does just that, as he speaks on a wide variety of topics, always inserting humor and using his real life experiences to connect with his audience.

Jay is also well versed in the role of emcee and auctioneer if you’re looking for someone to host your next event and make sure your audience has the time of their lives.

A few of Jay’s more popular speeches include:

  • The Compounded Success Principle
  • Competition with Ourselves
  • Stepping Outside Comfort Zones
  • Faith vs. Trust

Past speaking topics have included:

Member, National Speakers Association

  • Faith
  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Growth
  • Growing Your Business
  • Steps to Becoming an Author
  • Encouragement
  • Work Ethic
  • Personal Motivators
  • Boss Modeling
  • Breaking Points
  • Accountability
  • The Power of Positive Words
  • Titles Not Required
  • Levity
  • Celebrating Victories

Jay Foreman at the podium

Jay explaining the Blue Print vs. the Game Plan method at the Shenandoah University Business Symposium.

For pricing quotes or to schedule a speaking engagement, please email: or call 540-327-6501.