Public Speaking

Jay Foreman speaking at an event

Over the past ten years, Jay has emerged as one of the most dynamic, entertaining, and sought-after speakers and emcees.

He is also a proud member of the National Speakers Association. By speaking on a regular basis throughout the year, Jay provides answers, informs, challenges, inspires, and entertains businesses, churches, schools and other audiences.

Looking for a speaker to make a real difference at your next event? Jay does just that, as he speaks on a wide variety of topics, always inserting humor and using his real life experiences to connect with his audience.

A few of Jay’s more popular speeches include:

  • Pride & Preparation
  • Blue Print vs. Game Plan for Life and Business
  • It’s not about the Knockdown, it’s about the Get Up
  • Small things that make the BIG difference

Some of Jay’s most sought-after, motivational speeches include:

The Uncommon Journey from Banker to Author: Find the Career You Were Meant For

Jay Foreman recounts (with a great deal of humor) his unprecedented move from commercial banker to award-winning author…and with it, the lessons he learned along the way. These lessons, which are relevant for anyone, include inclusivity, humility, diligence and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. Whether one is content in his/her life or career or is looking to make a scary change, this story will resonate with and encourage anyone who hears it.

Business Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

Award-winning author Jay Foreman humorously recounts the most prominent business lessons he has learned through his illustrious career. These lessons are taken from careers such as commercial banker, author, speaker, teacher, waiter, bouncer, Chick-fil-A employee, and beekeeper. Yes…beekeeper. Business lessons learned include ‘Innovate, Don’t Imitate’, ‘Monumental Failure is Better than Lackluster Success’, ‘No Such Thing as a Bad Idea’, ‘Everyone is a Partner’, and ‘Make It Up as You Go Along.’ These takeaways are universal and can be applied to any profession.

#1 Secret to Success: Growth

Award-winning author Jay Foreman emphasizes the importance of the different elements of growth in one’s life and career. Using personal experiences, sprinkled with humor throughout, he touches on the necessity of concurrent growth in our personal and professional lives, being willing and even excited to grow outside of our comfort zones, and planting seeds of growth to help others around us succeed. All aspects of this presentation are relatable to anyone in any field.

Past speaking topics have included:

Member, National Speakers Association

  • Faith
  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Growth
  • Growing Your Business
  • Steps to Becoming an Author
  • Encouragement
  • Work Ethic
  • Personal Motivators
  • Boss Modeling
  • Breaking Points
  • Accountability
  • The Power of Positive Words
  • Titles Not Required
  • Levity
  • Celebrating Victories

Jay Foreman at the podium

Jay explaining the Blue Print vs. the Game Plan method at the Shenandoah University Business Symposium.

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